24-Hr Claim Service
From Our Members
We take great pride in our personal service, knowledgeable agents, and focus on Virginia's local communities. Do you have a story to share? Please let us know.

Here's what some current members had to say:

“I was involved in an accident and my agent, Brett Clark, was extremely helpful. He took care of all of the details for me and I felt like I was in good hands. On another occasion I had to deal with another insurance company—my mother’s car was hit by a deer and I had to take care of all the details. I wasn't used to that because Farm Bureau handles all of this for you. I always recommend Farm Bureau.”
Glenda Osborne

“If I need to talk (to my agent) face to face, I can. I've always had a good experience dealing with Farm Bureau (and an auto accident is stressful enough). Plus, there are the discount benefits that go with being a member.” Paulette Tharrington
“Your employees are what have me sold. You cannot beat good customer service today. It’s becoming a rare commodity.” Janice Rivell
“I know that Farm Bureau is the best because premiums are reasonable, claims are handled quickly and efficiently, and agents—especially Lyn Wilson in Essex—are knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks for a wonderful product.” Linda Barnes

“Good people. Good products. Good service.”
Dave Dawson
“You work with your customers to get them the type of coverage they need on the items they possess. You don’t get the runaround from (your) agent.” Sheila Hoffman

“Word of mouth from other members who were totally satisfied with the service they received. Thankfully I have only had to call on them once, but the service was excellent and I recommend it to anyone who asks.” Elizabeth Dyer

“My office is friendly and does whatever they can to help. I can do one-stop shopping for all insurance needs.” Silvia Brooks

“They are accountable and always involved in the community. Price has always been very good.” Rebecca Butler

“Farm Bureau not only had lower rates, but advised me on when and how to make changes in my policies to help my family in times of need. Really great folks to work with.” Charlie Bowman

“I am 54 years old and have been a loyal customer since age 16. When I need to talk to my agent I don’t have to punch in a bunch of numbers to finally get to someone I didn't really want to talk to anyway. I ask for my agent by first name. He doesn’t make the conversation complicated because he knows his job well and he takes care of my needs. It is the personal touch I receive.” Bill Pickett
“You understand rural people’s needs. I had another insurance company before I found you and when I called to tell them I had gotten a horse they acted like it was nuclear waste. They promptly told me they were dropping me. Thank God for Farm Bureau Insurance.” Jody Hall-Gum

“The only time I had a claim it was taken care of ASAP with no problems whatsoever. That is what you want in an insurance company, to know that you are there.” Melvin Drewery

“Farm Bureau is the only company to treat us nicely when we were buying insurance and the same way when we were making a claim.” Sean Rayne

“Conscientious, fair, and rapid claims service in rural areas of the state. (Farm Bureau) has all the competitors beaten.” Eric Whitesell 


“It is the simple fact that (you) really do care about your customers. It goes beyond the business aspect and shows concern for customers on a personal level.” Mitzi Brumfield

“Every time I have called our local office with a question or a request, I have received an immediate response or a quick call back. Out here in this rural part of Virginia, responsiveness is not the norm. Thank you.” Kay McKinney

“I appreciate the fact that my local representatives take the time to talk to me about my coverage and recommend changes. Thanks for a job well done.” John Roberson

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