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Thanksgiving Doesn't Slow Response

The holidays are always a bevy of activity. Wrapping up work, planning for travel, or staying home and planning for the arrival of friends and family helps to add chaos to life.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of those days for most people. Mary and her husband, Seaton, were getting ready to end their day and send their students off for a long weekend from Richmond’s Hermitage High School when the phone rang, and it wasn’t a good sign. It was their alarm company. The burglar alarm at their house had been triggered.

Seaton immediately called Virginia Farm Bureau as a precautionary measure, and the couple quickly wrapped things up and got in the car for the 30-minute drive home.

“When we got there, our agent was waiting for us,” recalls Mary. “He had already checked our electrical box outside the house and also the heat pump. He asked if we had had an electrical storm.”

Since both had been at work they did not know, and they had no idea what this had to do with their burglar alarm.

“He showed us the condenser in our heat pump; it was split in two,” she says. “We were shocked at that, and he said that lightning had done the deed (and tripped the alarm).”

Mary was relieved that the problem was not burglary, and pleased that her insurance agent had completed an investigation of the damage before they even made it home. The agent spent a few additional minutes filling out some paperwork and left.

“We had a check from Farm Bureau TWO DAYS LATER,” says Mary, “the Friday after Thanksgiving. I will always use Farm Bureau for my insurance. They are wonderful.”

Quick response when it’s easy is one thing, but quick response during holidays to make an inconvenience better is a whole different story. It is the Farm Bureau Advantage.

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