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Hurricane Isabel No Match For Rich Taylor

For many years, Gary and Dee Seeber lived in suburban Washington, DC, and also had a vacation home on the riverfront of Colonial Beach. The Seebers had carried a flood policy with their insurer but let it expire after they felt they were not in danger of a flood impacting their home.

However, when the time came for the Seebers to move to Colonial Beach full time and they asked their current insurer to reinstate that policy, the service was lacking.

“They said that was fine but I needed to give them a check in person,” says Gary about his conversation with the insurer. “They said they’d stop by to get the check but they never came. I figured the lack of service was not going to be good down the road if I needed them.”

So the Seebers reached out to Farm Bureau Insurance agent Rich Taylor, not just for a flood quote, but also for all of their insurance needs. Farm Bureau was competitive with its policies and its rates, but also very responsive and informative. The combination of adequate coverage and outstanding service convinced the Seebers to become members and policyholders.

Ironically, it was only a few weeks later that Hurricane Isabel, the costliest and deadliest hurricane of the 2003 season with peak winds of 165 mph, hit the Atlantic Coast. And while the Seebers' roof was damaged during the storm, it was the two feet of water in their home that was most distressing. The flood policy, purchased at Taylor’s urging based on his experience, had already paid dividends.

What’s more, Art Wright, a Farm Bureau claims adjuster, was at the Seebers' house within two days of the storm and wrote them a check for the roof damage. The flood claim was handled within a week.

In the days following the storm, conversation around town centered on the destruction due to the hurricane. While many folks in Colonial Beach had not yet heard from their agent, Gary and Dee Seeber proudly told the story of how quickly their claim was settled by Farm Bureau Insurance.

“We faced some significant damage and the service we received compared to others in our town was very good,” says Seeber. “We’ve told many people about it, and a few—if not many—have switched. We’re just extremely happy.”

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