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Personal Service: A Farm Bureau Advantage

Virginia Farm Bureau agent Ray Rivenbark is not just using words that sound good in an advertisement when he says Botetourt is the community he’s chosen to raise his family. And he feels it necessary to be a part of that community. For Rivenbark, it’s a matter treating folks as you would have them treat you.

It’s something David Bruce believes. He saw it in action recently when his car broke down, ironically, right in the front of Farm Bureau’s Botetourt office. Though it was well after 5:00 PM and both Rivenbark and MSS Cheryl Saville had personal commitments to get to, both immediately helped.

“Ray came out and took me to get the problem solved, and he refused to leave until I had the problem fixed,” says Bruce. “I’ve always kept my insurance locally because I want to be able to talk face to face with someone if I have a concern or problem. It is a true blessing to do business with (them.)”

But this story is far more than helping someone with car trouble. Last year Bruce and Rivenbark met to tweak Bruce’s policies. Bruce’s job situation was going to be changing, and he needed to address those changes in his coverage. The pair sat down and went through the policies, making some changes immediately and agreeing to hold off on others.

“These are the types of issues I would not and do not feel comfortable discussing with a stranger over the phone,” says Bruce. “There is a real value to knowing who you are doing business with and feeling a trust when it comes to taking care of your family, home, and vehicles.”

Bruce continues: “When I purchased my first home I went with a local mortgage company for that very reason. I could’ve reduced the interest rate slightly by going with a internet mortgage company who has very little overhead cost, but I would have only been an account number to them and I don't feel they would have any commitment to me or my needs.”

It’s that long term view and the personal touch of a local agent that is invaluable.

Says Rivenbark: “It’s very important for me to be part of my community where we live and are raising our children. It just comes natural to help folks in need, whether they are a client or not. Botetourt County is a wonderful place to live and raise a family because of the fine folks who live here, and I’m glad to be a part of this community.”

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