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Disaster Struck; Fluvanna Answered

On the morning of Monday, March 22, at 3 AM, my husband and I awoke with a frantic phone call from our granddaughter, Katie. She kept repeating, “There’s a fire in our house, hurry!” Fortunately our daughter Colleen lives right next door. My husband Bob, a retired firefighter from New York, and I sprang into action. Bob grabbed one fire extinguisher and I the other. I was smart enough to slip on a pair of flip flops and sweater, but Bob, shirtless and shoeless, forged ahead—I must say without a flashlight and shoes. I heard a few unpleasant words from Bob as he managed to hit every tree root and rock in our yard.

When we arrived at our daughter’s house, we were happy and proud to see our daughter Colleen outside with the garden hose fighting the fire. Katie was nearby assuring us that she called 911. Since the fire was basically outside on the deck and exterior wall, it was important to “knock it down quickly” (fire talk). With Bob and Colleen on top, I went under the porch. Just as Bob predicted, embers were still glowing, so I doused everything with the extinguisher.

By now a police officer and a fireman, Richie Constantino from Lake Monticello, were on the scene. My husband and Richie felt the wall interior and exterior and found out it to be very hot, so they opened up the wall, pulled out the installation, and wet everything down. When the fire trucks arrived, the firefighters checked the attic and crawl space to be certain the fire was completely extinguished.

The next morning, I called our insurance agent, Mike Apperson, at Virginia Farm Bureau in Fluvanna. In less than 12 hours, there was an insurance representative and a fire investigator from the Farm Bureau at the house. Within another 12 hours, we had Brian and his crew from Rainbow Clean-Up and Restoration, also in Fluvanna County, check out the damage. The very next day, they had the house sparkling clean and odor free. Our contractor, also from Fluvanna, is replacing and repairing what needs to be done to get our lives back to normal as quickly as possible. So, as you can gather from this letter, we have some great people here in Fluvanna County, who came to aid in our little moment when disaster struck.

Kay & Bob Stanton

Lake Monticello

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