24-Hr Claim Service
Recovery Begins Even Before Disaster Ends

David Holdsworth knows a little about Farm Bureau Insurance’s personal touch and fast claims service. In 2007 the combine on his Surry County farm caught fire while he was harvesting corn. Holdsworth’s agent, Jason Seward, happened to be riding by from another appointment and noticed the fire.

“When I drove by he was out there trying to put the fire out,” says Seward. “I called the office as I was pulling into the farm, and as I was on the phone the fire department pulled in as well.”

Within 20 minutes, a Farm Bureau claims adjuster called Holdsworth to begin the recovery process. “It’s pretty comforting when my insurance company is working to make things right before the fire is even put out,” jokes Holdsworth. But the extra effort and personal attention is something Seward takes seriously.

“When I write new business that was previously with other companies, my customers are always shocked when I give them my cell phone number and tell them to call me anytime with a question,” he says. “Most of them tell me they are used to working through several transfers and departments just to talk to any representative. They feel very safe knowing they can reach me, the actual agent, that easily.”

To this day, Holdsworth remains thankful and appreciative of the fast service he received from Virginia Farm Bureau. He enjoys reminding Seward of that level of service and what it has meant to him. In a difficult time—a time when David Holdsworth needed answers and information to recover from a loss—Virginia Farm Bureau was there.

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