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Slow Moving Vehicles

Remember, Virginia law requires a slow-moving vehicle (SMV) emblem on all tractors and equipment traveling on public roadways at speeds slower than 25 mph.

Tips to avoid a collision:

  • Inspect SMV emblems on all slow-moving equipment prior to traveling on the public road. Keep emblems clean and replace any that are faded or defective. SMV emblems should be a triangle shape with the points flattened and have a bright-orange center with reflective-red border. Also use amber flashers if available.
  • Use high-visibility retro-reflective tape kits to make farm equipment “stand-out” in low-light conditions. Add an amber strobe light to the part of the equipment that is the furthest left when approaching from the back of the equipment, especially if equipment is unusually wide.
  • Do not wave traffic through. Use turn signals or hand signals and be sure to pull over to allow traffic to pass when it is safe to do so.
  • Avoid moving equipment on the road at dawn or dusk and during high-traffic times.

Virginia Farm Bureau offers special prices to members on SMV emblems, retro-reflective tape kits, and battery-powered, amber strobe lights with a magnetic base. Please contact your local Farm Bureau Insurance agent for details.

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