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Farm Safety Inspection
To help you prioritize the safety needs in your operation, safety inspections should be conducted on a regular basis. Please refer to our safety checklist to aid you in your inspection.

For some farmers, inspections should be held twice a year. Other farmers may need only annual safety checkups, and should conduct safety meetings with their employees to reinforce the process.

When you conduct your safety meetings, checkups, or inspections, don’t handle other chores at the same time—or you may overlook something. Make a list of all the hazards you see in the operation, including individual conduct on the job. Then prioritize each of the items on the list for resolution. Generate a plan to address how you intend to eliminate those hazards and inform all workers on the farm of the items that cannot be repaired immediately.

For a different point of view, consider inviting a friend or someone like a Farm Bureau Insurance Safety Inspector, who doesn’t know the farm, to conduct an inspection. Remember, since you are there every day, you are more likely not to notice an important problem.

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