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Back To School Safety

As children return to school, Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance realizes they face a multitude of challenges that have nothing to do with schoolwork.

Bullying is an increasing problem in schools. In fact, more than half of all children are involved in a bullying-related incident at least once during the school year. Talk with your children about bullying—especially cyber-bullying—and get to know the signs yourself. These include frequently “losing” belongings, avoiding recess or gym class, and multiple spells of headaches or stomachaches.

You should also inspect the playground area at your child’s school. Make sure the surface is free of debris such as rocks or discarded nails. The equipment should be solid and stable.

Finally, no matter how much your child may complain, make sure they eat a good, healthy breakfast. They will need to fuel up for the challenging day, and this energy is a great step to help them smooth over any bumps.

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