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Prep Your Home for Summer

At Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance we believe there has never been a better time to ensure your home is both safe and energy efficient. By following some basic safety and management tips, you can reduce the risk to your home and property this summer.

Jimmy Maass, Safety Coordinator at Farm Bureau Insurance, points out that a few hours evaluating your home may do the trick. He suggests the following steps to help keep your home energy efficient:

  • Every window and door should be checked. The area at the bottom of doors is especially vulnerable and easily forgotten.
  • Check around electrical outlets and light fixtures that border outside walls, as well as around your chimney and fireplace.
  • Replace dirty air conditioner filters immediately.
  • Don’t adjust your thermostat often while trying to find the “right” temperature. This results in stress on your system and will cause it to run at less than peak performance.
  • Give the gutters a good cleaning and remove debris that has accumulated around the base of the house to allow for a free flow of air.
  • Try to do the little things that add up. For instance, cook on the grill as opposed to running your oven, which adds heat to your kitchen quickly.
  • Utilize trees and shrubs to reduce the direct heat on your house. Pull shades and curtains as needed to block direct sunlight through windows.
  • Add insulation in your attic.

Because summer is the time for vacations, a high percentage of burglaries occur during these months. Maass notes home owners can reduce their vulnerability by simply making their home less attractive to burglars or vandals with these tips:

  • Set automatic timers to turn lights on and off and varying intervals. Don’t set these devices in a recognizable pattern.
  • Ensure all doors, windows, skylights, and any other means to enter the house are properly closed and locked. Close off potential means of entry such as pet doors.
  • Stop mail service and newspaper delivery. Newspapers piling up in the front of your house is a giveaway that you are not at home.
  • Inform your local police that the house will be empty, and alert your neighbors to keep a watchful eye.
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