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We Support Our Communities

Virginia Farm Bureau believes in the power of a thriving local community. Our spirit of giving and supporting locally is deeply rooted in the history of our company, which was established 1926.

To further the tradition, we formed a committee in our Richmond corporate office dedicated to organizing charity fundraising events. In 2009, the corporate headquarters raised nearly $12,000 through a “Jeans Day” campaign. Every other Friday, employees were asked to give a small amount of money and in exchange they wore jeans to work that day.

Alzheimer’s, American Heart, St. Judes, Diabetes, Phenylketonuria, Agriculture in the Classroom, Lou Gehrig Disease, Meals on Wheels, Muscular Dystrophy, American Cancer, Lupus, and Make a Wish foundation all benefited from the Jeans Day campaign.

“Supporting our local community through helping charitable causes is never about responsibility or obligation,” says Matt Smith, Director of Marketing for Virginia Farm Bureau. “It’s about the simple concept of helping those who are less fortunate than us, and we’re proud to with work outstanding organizations that provide necessary services to Virginia communities.”

The Employee Participation Committee (EPC) also has helped organize corporate contributions for Multiple Sclerosis, food drives for local food banks, and toy donations for Sergeant Santa.

At Farm Bureau, we support more than just agriculture, we support the local community.

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