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Ag In The Class Provides Important Information To Children

Farm Bureau Insurance is a proud supporter of the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC). An educational program which encourages and enhances agricultural literacy for students in Grades K through 8, AITC helps teachers (especially those with little knowledge of agriculture) integrate the study of this vast industry into existing curriculum.

With less than 2% of today’s population engaged in production farming, most of our children will not experience farm life as part of their upbringing. Most of our society’s connection to the land and to our food and fiber supply is through grocery stores and field trips.

AITC helps strengthen teachers' and students' connection to the land by providing a comprehensive picture of the importance of agriculture. AITC materials help Virginia’s educators and children understand the impact of agriculture on their daily lives, our society, the economy, the environment, and the landscape.

Farm Bureau Insurance provides support to AITC through corporate contributions, an annual golf tournament held on AITC's behalf, staff support at educational workshops, and partnership with Farm Bureau Community Volunteers.

Learn more about AITC.

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