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Jim Jervey Helps Raise More Than $1 Million For ACS

Jim Jervey knows a thing or two about working together to provide success. In his role as Chairman of the Franklin/Southampton Relay for Life for the past nine years, Jervey has helped raise money through the Relay for Life program for the American Cancer Society (ACS). In recent years the group has raised more money per capita than any other community of its size in the nation.

“I've been involved with the ACS for about 16 years and have worked in the capacity of 'chair' or 'co-chair' of the Franklin/ Southampton Relay for Life for 14 years now,” says Jervey.  “I lost my dad to melanoma in 1988. My wife, Glenda, son James, and I came back to our hometown in 1990. I have been involved ever since, working with the ACS, family, and friends in our community, fighting for a cure.”

Jervey enjoys playing golf and coaching football—his former career prior to Farm Bureau. He is also active at High Street United Methodist Church in Franklin. He has been with Farm Bureau since 1994 and continues to make a difference in the Franklin/Southampton County community. Jim knows the priority of making a difference in the lives of others.

“Working with kids, helping those in need, or volunteering for any of the many worthwhile organizations that focus on helping others—the ACS being one of them—is vital,” he says. “If we all share our talents with others, then we are making our world a better place to live.”

The personal approach and working together has always been a key facet of life at Farm Bureau Insurance. Says Jervey: “I have consistently tried to approach my career with Farm Bureau living by these traits; however, they have always been a priority in whatever I have been involved with. So I would say that my career with Farm Bureau has been a 'great fit' for both myself and our organization.”

Indeed, working together is the foundation for success in work and in life.

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