Condo Insurance
Protect your property with the power of Farm Bureau membership and our Condo Insurance.

No two condo developments are the same. Each condo association offers protection through a master policy you pay for in your condo owner association dues. Master polices can differ from community to community and do not include everything within the four walls of your unit, your most valuable and personal items. That’s where Farm Bureau Insurance can help.

An individual condo policy from Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance offers:

Personal Property Coverage

Covers your personal belongings which make your unit a home, including electronics, appliances, furniture, clothing, and other items not included in your master policy.

Personal Liability Coverage

Covers the costs if you cause another person to be injured or another person’s property to be damaged or destroyed, regardless of location. 

Farm Bureau Insurance agents will work with you to customize a policy to meet your needs, taking into consideration the master policy of your association. Our policies are flexible and our agents provide personalized face-to-face attention.
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