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Revenue Insurance

As a Virginia Farm Bureau member your local Crop Insurance Specialist will work with you to tailor a protection plan to meet your needs.

Contact your local Farm Bureau agent or our State Crop Specialist for more information about how Farm Bureau Insurance can help meet your insurance needs. 

We specialize in the following types of policies:

Revenue Protection (RP) Corn and Soybeans

Provides protection against loss of revenue caused by low prices, low yields, or a combination of both. Also provides downside price protection with an option for upside protection. Revenue Protection is priced affordable when compared to other crop insurance products, and coverage levels range from 50% to 85% of expected revenue.

Adjusted Gross Revenue

Provides protection for revenue loss due to unavoidable natural disaster or market fluctuations. It is a safety net for multiple commodities in one insurance product and can compliment MPCI and RP by coordinating protection and benefits. It also protects agricultural commodities which do not have MPCI plans available and can cover expanding and decreasing agricultural operations. 

Area Risk Protection Insurance (ARPI)
ARPI includes coverage against potential loss of revenue resulting from a significant reduction in the county yield or commodity price of a specific crop. ARPI is based on county revenue and not individual revenue. The insured may have a loss in revenue on their farm and not receive payment under ARPI.


 Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance is an equal opportunity provider.

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