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Church BOP

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance offers a one-of-a-kind Business Owner's Policy for churches. The special form church endorsement offers the following additional coverages:

Protection is provided for cemeteries owned by the named insured.

Fire Department Service Charge
The amount paid for fire department service charges you have assumed by contract, or are required to assume by local ordinance, is increased.

Personal Property Off Premises
The amount paid for loss to business personal property other than money and securities while off premises is increased. Coverage also is provided for personal property other than money and securities owned by you and located in dwellings you own and maintain for your employees' use.

Outdoor Property

Insurance protection may be extended to include damage to outdoor fences, radio and television antennas, signs, trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, statuary, and crosses.

Valuable Papers and Records (Research)

This coverage increases the amount we will pay to cover the cost to research, replace, or restore lost information on lost or damaged valuable papers and records for which duplicates do not exist.

Personal Effects Belonging to You and Others

We will pay for the loss to personal effects belonging to you, your directors, trustees, and any other individual, other than clergy. We also will pay for loss to the personal effects of clergy at the premises. Limits apply.

We will provide coverage for loss due to back-ups from sewers and drains.


Included as named insureds are members, directors, officers, trustees, volunteers, members of the board of governors, and clergy, but only with respect to their duties as such. Medical expense coverage is provided for donated labor.

Optional Coverages:

Pastoral Counseling Professional Liability

We provide liability protection that may result from any acts, errors, or omissions from counseling activities of a pastor.

Church Day Care
We provide Business Liability and Medical Expenses to church day care nurseries or day care centers if operated either solely by your church or by an individual or organization not affiliated with your church.

Sexual Misconduct Coverage
We provide Business Liability and Medical Expenses to churches for liability resulting from acts of sexual misconduct or sexual molestation.
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