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Additional BOP Coverages

Your Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance Business Owner’s Policy provides you a complete package of protection. We include as a part of our policies—and without an additional premium charge—a host of additional coverages and protections.

Optional Property Coverages
Our Business Owner's Policy automatically includes most of the coverages the average business needs. We also offer optional coverages to increase your protection and tailor a policy to meet your specific needs.

Outdoor Property
Pays for loss or damage to outdoor fences, antennas, trees, shrubs, or plants caused by specific losses, up to $1,000 total coverage.

Newly Acquired Property
For a certain period of time this coverage extends up to 25% of the limit of insurance, not to exceed $250,000, to cover structures being built or structures which you acquire.

Mechanical Breakdown
Pays for direct damage to covered property caused by an accident to boilers, pressure vessels, and air conditioning units over 60,000 btu.

Debris Removal
Pays up to 25% of the amount of loss to cover the expense of removing debris caused by the loss.

Preservation of Property
We cover property that has to be moved to another location to protect it from loss while in transit or temporarily stored, up to 10 days.

Pollutant Clean-Up
Pays up to $10,000 to cover costs to extract pollutants from land or water at your premises that are caused by a covered loss.

Fire Extinguisher Recharge
Pays your expense to have portable fire extinguishers recharged after use in a fire.

Fire Department Service Charge
Pays up to $1,000 for fire department service charges.

If Business Personal Property is insured:

Valuable Papers & Records
We will pay up to $1,000 for costs to research, replace, or restore your valuable papers or records. Additional limits are available.

Property of Others
We will cover up to $2,500 of personal property of others in your care.

Personal Effects
Pays up to $500 to cover household and personal effects owned by you, your employees, officers, or partners.

Seasonal Increase
We automatically increase the coverage for business personal property by 25% to cover seasonal variations in inventory.

Personal Property Off-Premises
Pays up to $5,000 for loss to business personal property, including $2,500 for property of others in your care while being transported or temporarily off your premises.

Newly Acquired Business Personal Property
We extend up to $10,000 to cover business personal property at newly acquired premises, including property of others in your care.

Money and Securities
We pay up to $1,000 for loss of money and securities on premises or $500 off premises caused by theft, disappearance, or destruction, included with special form. Additional limits are available.

Employee Dishonesty
Pays up to $1,000 for loss of business personal property, including money and securities, caused by dishonest acts committed by your employees. Additional limits are available.

Outdoor Signs
Pays up to $1,000 for damage to all outdoor signs at the described location. Additional limits are available.

Also Available:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Mini/Micro Computers
  • Building Ordinance
  • Condominium Unit Owner's Coverage
  • Spoilage Coverage
  • Earthquake
  • Exterior Glass (above grade-floor)
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