Boat Insurance

Virginia offers some of boating’s most beautiful bodies of water, as well as some difficult weather conditions.

That’s why Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance offers comprehensive insurance for your watercraft, providing coverage from storms, strong winds, theft, and accidents. We offer policies designed to protect you and those who enjoy boating with you.

Your boat, whether in or out of the water, will be protected with Farm Bureau Insurance.

Coverage on Your Boat

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance provides property protection on most personal-use boats, including sailboats, pontoons, motorboats, fishing boats, ski boats, and personal watercraft. We even protect the trailers, motors, and equipment that comes with owning a boat.

Protection for You and Others

Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance also provides Personal Liability Protection and Medical Payments to Others coverage in the event you become legally liable for claims brought to you by others for bodily injury, medical payments, and property damage.

We offer Uninsured Watercraft Coverage for damages caused by another boater who does not have boaters insurance or an adequate amount of insurance.

Farm Bureau Insurance is the local company on which you can depend for fast claims service and personal, face-to-face service. That’s why Virginians rely on us for their boat insurance needs.

Contact your Virginia Farm Bureau agent today to find out more about our coverages and possible discounts.
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